Don’t let the Back to School commercials and moans and groans from the kids get you down. It’s still officially summertime and if you’re looking for one more major bang, may we suggest taking the family down to an island? Oh but wait – put the passport away. No need to book an International flight and spend thousands on a trek across the world. We’ve got a list of fabulous beaches that may be more accessible to you than the islands of the West Indies. Get those swimsuits, beach balls and towels ready!

Nantucket, Massachusetts – Torn straight from a dream, beautiful Nantucket is the ideal location for families looking to get away from it all. With minimal noise distractions, those visiting Nantucket can rent a sailboat, sunbathe all day and enjoy delicious eats at popular eateries. One can’t talk about visiting Nantucket without mentioning the beautiful architecture of the 1900’s that pave the roads. If you’re looking to infuse a bit of history on that vacation, this is definitely the island you’ll want to visit.

San Juan Islands, Washington – On the West Coast and think you have to fly out East to visit a captivating island in the U.S.A.? Think again! The beautiful San Juan islands of Washington have so much to offer. The best part? You’ve got over 150 islands to explore. These kids-friendly islands have activities and hands-on fun for kids of all ages. Going with older folks? No problem! Hiking trails are prevalent by day and you can end the day by taking a glorious walk on the beautiful beaches.

Key West, Florida – Known as one of the most popular islands in the United States, Key West is where you go if you’re looking for fun and adventure. Just a day’s drive (ahem, or boat ride) from Miami Beach, Key West is the perfect beach for a group of friends or couples. The Florida breeze will keep the temps comfortable allowing for year round visits. Try the native Key Lime Pie and have mouth watering seafood caught at your command. Key West is truly the island to visit if you want to FEEL like you’ve gotten away from it all.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina – Oh hey, Hilton Head! We simply couldn’t forget to include this popular island. Visited by many, Hilton Head has plenty to do for those wanting to catch a few waves, relax on the beach or explore South Carolina’s beautiful and nature-sque plains. Hilton Head has activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Our favorite? We are big fans of the beautiful walking trails; trekking on one is the best way to start a beautiful day in Hilton Head.

Galveston Island, Texas – What a minute…didn’t know that Texas had an island? Galveston Island is one of Texas’ lesser known charms but if you’ve ever visited, it’s likely that you’ll be quick to plan another trip. Texas is already chock-full of its own unique charm so if you think Galveston Island is all yee-haw and cowboy boots, think again. Close to Houston, this is the ideal beach for surfer lovers as the waves are plentiful. Gorgeous beachfront resorts make finding a place to stay easy. Oh! And a nearby waterpark will take the fun level up to the next notch.

Did we leave out any? What are some of your favorite islands to visit here in the great United States?