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Blue Spring State Park
2 months ago

Blue Spring State Park

Situated in Orange City in Central Florida, Blue Spring State Park is a haven of beauty that evokes the “Old Florida” and its natural wonders. The park is famous for its eponymous Blue Spring, where 102 million gallons of water flow out of Blue Spring into the St. Johns River every day. It is also well-known for being a wintertime gathering place for the manatees. The manatees congregate at the 73 °F spring and the spring run when the temperature of the St John River system dips lower than is comfortable for them.

Blue Spring State Park

On chilly days, as many as 400 manatees have been counted there. How close can you get to them? About a few feet away, from the viewing platform nearest the water. Keep in mind, interaction with the manatees is not permitted due to the fact that they are a protected species. Visitors will find other creatures and wildlife during warmer seasons. In any season, the park is well worth a visit to stroll, sightsee, relax, reflect, and enjoy some of the hidden wonders of the Sunshine State.


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