Whether you enjoy wooden or steel, there are some incredible roller coasters across the country. Now if you’re the type who stops at amusement parks throughout your road trip, you’ve probably come across some good ones.

As part of our Drive the Nation Summer of Sightseeing, today we are highlighting our favorite roller coasters from across the country. Participate in the fun by sharing a photo of your favorite coaster and enter for a chance to win the Drive The Nation Summer of Sightseeing contest using #DTNSoS. You can view the official rules here.

Roller Coasters

Here are a few of our favorites:

El Toro – Six Flags

Are you ready to “ride the bull”? El Toro is a coaster that cannot be tamed with drops at 176 feet and speeds that will shake you. However, it’s one of the best wooden coasters and is one you must experience.

Millennium Force – Cedar Point

Ranking as one of the world’s best steel roller coasters is the Millennium Force at Cedar Point. This coaster stands 310 feet tall and is a thriller like no other you must experience. If you’re up for the challenge of hitting 93mph, then add this coaster to your list.

Bizarro – Six Flags

Three minutes and thirty seconds seems much faster when you’re going 77mph! If that sounds thrilling to you, then you’ll want to take a ride on Bizarro in Six Flags, New England.