One year.

After college graduation, I told myself that I would only live with my parents for one year. I figured 12-months of working a 9 to 5 job would give me plenty of time to save up enough money to get my own place.

Well, here we are – one year later. My 12-month plan didn’t go exactly as I had anticipated.

When it came down to the final days of my one-year plan, I had a decision to make. Instead of getting locked into a lease or taking out a mortgage to purchase a home, I decided to take what little I had in savings and start a new journey with nothing else but me, my Subaru Legacy and the infinite highways of the USA. So, on June 1st, I packed up my entire life into my car and hit the road. It’s only been a week, but my trip has already taken me through ten states and several tanks of gas.

Fortunately, I’m no stranger to traveling. I was born in Los Angeles, but my father’s employer (IBM) transferred us to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1992. When I was still in elementary school, my family moved once again – this time to Florida – and I’ve resided in Winter Park ever since that time. During summer breaks from school, we often took family vacations. This time, I’m looking forward to listening to the wind humming past my driver’s side window, as opposed to listening to the shrieks of toddlers bickering in the back seat.

So that’s why I decided to write about my discoveries and adventures. After one year living at home, I’ve chosen to spend the next year living on the road. I’ve yet to decide where I’m going, but I do know that all I’ll need is the open road ahead of me while the months and memories fade away in my rear view mirror.