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Anne is a writer living in Orlando with her husband and their English bulldog. They are on a mission to visit all of America’s National Parks, photographing and writing about their journey along the way.


Amber currently resides in Orlando and enjoys traveling this crazy state as well as anywhere south of the Mason-Dixie line. What the east lacks in Dutch Bros and In-N-Out it makes up for with adorable manatees, NASA rocket launches, and an abundance of sweet tea.


Kimberly Devitt is a passionate 20-something who believes in a “work hard, play hard” lifestyle. Kimberly is a writer, brand manager and University of Florida graduate student who considers travel the best medicine for the soul. Since 2013, she has navigated her Subaru through more than 30 states and hopes to visit the rest before her next birthday.


Dana has written for Forbes Travel Guide, Orlando Style Magazine, Tampa Style Magazine, TripAtlas, Examiner and more. She is addicted to adventure and indulging herself in new cultures.


Liz Froment loves exploring all over the US for hidden gems during her journeys around the country, and especially in her native New England.


Kim Windyka is Boston-based marketer, writer, and blogger with a passion for all things travel. A former cruise industry copywriter, she has also written for the New Hampshire Visitors Guide, Priceline, and the Orbitz blog. When she’s not planning her next trip or writing about her last one, she’s checking out a concert or digging into a dish at a new restaurant.


Jay is a writer living in Central Florida, with his wife Judy. They enjoy traveling by car, and Jay normally chooses to go the scenic route. Antiquing is a lifelong avocation, so anytime a sign says “Antiques” his car tends to veer off in that direction.


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